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About Make It Canada

Make it Canada is an immigration firm that specializes in helping people realize their goal of making Canada their new home to live, to conduct business, or to study. Whether you plan to come here yourself or you're already here and want to know about sponsoring someone else, contact us and we can help.

Make It Canada offers a wide range of Immigration services including Business Investor Program, Skilled Worker Visas, Visitor Visas, Student Visas and more.

Meet the Team

Stefano Pileggitransparent

Stefano Pileggi

Immigration Consultant

Mr. Pileggi was born and raised in Canada. Mr. Pileggi's expertise in the Canadian immigration system helps prospective immigrants navigate through the complex series of steps and requirements needed to come to Canada. He has helped over a thousand people with complicated immigration matters in order to reach their goal of making Canada their new...

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Maryrose Sciarrillotransparent

Maryrose Sciarrillo

Office Manager

Maryrose Sciarrillo was born in Toronto to parents who immigrated to Canada from Italy. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto, with a double major in Psychology and Italian studies. She takes a strong interest in Settlement and Immigration issues, and has volunteered for 5 years as a group facilitator helping people discuss...

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Roberto Arcangelitransparent

Roberto Arcangeli


Roberto Arcangeli was born and raised in Italy. He studied law at University of Urbino. At the end of the 80’s he moved to Sweden with his family. In the Scandinavian country, he covered several management positions in different industries, before establishing his own commercial company in the distribution sector. In those years, he received the title...

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Success Stories

Make It Canada helps clients obtain their permits to work in Canada.


Gathering documentation for immigration can be daunting and overwhelming. Make it Canada helped us sort through all of the required paperwork, kept us...



Thank you, Stefano, for your professionalism and dedication to making this dream come true. Eight months ago, I was unemployed and very worried about...


Giusy C

Thank you Stefano for helping us with Immigration Canada to obtain our work permits.We are now ready to start our new life in Canada.

Giusy C


It was great to come to Toronto with all my immigration paperwork sorted out. The day after my arrival I was already working full-time.


Happy Client

We are very grateful that we are now in Canada and working again. Stefano, we appreciate all your help.

Happy Client

Andrea and Gianluca

Chef (Andrea) and Pizza Chef (Gianluca) contacted us from Italy. Now, just a few months later, they are in Canada working full-time and preparing for...

Andrea and Gianluca

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